Proteogenomics is at the interface of proteomics and genomics.

MTAC is the first mass spec center that can provide Proteogenomics and the most current technologies used to generate, analyze, and integrate proteomics with genomics data on the frontier of precision medicine.

WashU’s McDonnell Genome Institute (MGI) hosts both the MTAC and the GTAC (Genome Technology Access Center). GTAC is a nationally recognized leading genomics core facility providing microRNA (miRNA), RNA sequencing (RNA-seq), whole-genome sequencing (WGS), and whole-exome sequencing (WXS), which are genomic data types typically available in proteogenomic study. Under the MGI umbrella, we, the MTAC and GTAC, can closely facilitate proteogenomics efforts to identify and quantify proteins and PTMs modulated in cancer/disease and correlate them to copy number variations, epigenetic silencing and changes in miRNA expression. Genomic and transcriptional profiling provides a read on the character and potential impact of genomic alterations, whereas proteomics provides direct information on protein modulation and signaling in response to those changes.

Proteogenomic discovery of neoantigens facilitates personalized multi-antigen targeted T cell immunotherapy for brain tumors