WashU Mass Spec MTAC@MGI provides consultation and direction to investigators and collaborators wishing to incorporate mass spectrometry-based -omics into their research projects.

Young Ah Goo, PhD

Meet the Director

Young Ah Goo's research focuses on the use of mass spectrometry-based "omics" applications to answer biological questions, with a particular emphasis on discovering diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets for human diseases. Throughout her career, Young Ah has directed Mass Spectrometry Centers at Northwestern University, University of Maryland, and University of Washington. As the Director of MTAC, she leads a fast-paced, highly collaborative, and high-throughput center that provides mass spectrometry support for proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, and mass spectrometry imaging to collaborators around the world.

MTAC Sample Preparation Lab
MTAC Instrument Lab

Meet the MTAC team

The WashU Mass Spec MTAC offers exceptional support to investigators and collaborators looking to incorporate "omics" into their research projects. Their expertise and commitment to delivering top-quality results make them a valuable resource for those looking to further their understanding of biological systems through mass spectrometry-based analysis.

Byoung-Kyu Cho, PhD

Lead, Proteomics

Jessica Lukowski, PhD

Lead, MS Imaging

Minsoo Son, PhD

Research Associate

Jong Hee Song, PhD

Sr. Scientist

Antiona Zamacona Calderon,

Lead Technician

Anu Lakkamsani,

Undergraduate Researcher

Bruker timsTOF

Meet the Bioinformatics team

The bioinformatics staff at WashU's Mass Spec MTAC provides computing support and custom software solutions for investigators and collaborators seeking to incorporate "omics" into their research projects.

Minsoo Son, PhD


IT Systems Administrator

Software Engineer

Thermo Eclipse

Meet our Proteomics Collaborators

The WashU Mass Spec MTAC Collaborators at Washington University are a dynamic group of physicians and scientists who leverage the power of mass spectrometry-based "omics" to advance their understanding of the world around us. Despite not necessarily having a mass spectrometer in their own research group, they are well-versed in the language of MS-based omics and utilize this tool to drive cutting-edge research."

Join the team!

PhD-Level, Experienced Mass Spectrometrists & Lab Technicians We are currently seeking new staff members to join our team. We seek intelligent, dedicated team-oriented people capable of managing multiple research projects.

*Please note that uploading a resume requires a Google Drive sign-in, but MTAC does NOT collect, sell, or share your Google sign-in information. An email submission to is also an option.