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Mass spectrometry services are available after a consultation and submitting a service request. We provide full service, from design and sample preparation to data analysis and publication support.

Orbitrap Astral Biopharma with FAIMS 

Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ Astral™ mass spectrometer possesses groundbreaking capabilities empowering whole proteome coverage at a depth of 12,000 proteins in an hour, the sensitivity to accurately and precisely quantify over 3,000 proteins from 80 single cells in a day, and the throughput to analyze over a million protein groups across 180 samples in a day. 


Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid with ETD/UVPD

Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ Ascend Tribrid™ mass spectrometer delivers ultimate throughput and versatility for multiplexed quantitative proteomics and native protein characterization. Quantify more samples at lower concentrations while achieving greater coverage using two ion routing multipoles. Characterize the largest biopharmaceuticals with a mass range up to m/z 16,000.


Orbitrap Eclipse™ Tribrid™ with FAIMS

The Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Eclipse mass spectrometer incorporates the latest inventions in ion transmission and control, extended m/z range, and real-time decision making to expand the breadth of your work and push your science beyond today's discovery. This system is ideally suited for proteomics, structural biology, small-molecule, and biopharmaceutical characterization experiments. 


Orbitrap Exploris 480 Biopharma with FAIMS

Maximize high-throughput performance in proteomics and biopharma applications with the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer. Where next level exploration delivers quantifiable accuracy, and selectivity required to obtain richer insights. Empowering translational scientists by bringing performance and intelligence together, the switch between exploration and targeted quantitation has never been easier. Suddenly your work goes deeper and even the routine will become simple, certain and extraordinary. 


Orbitrap Exploris™ 240

From small- to large-molecule analyses, the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer delivers performance and versatility to drive discovery and identification with the quantitative precision and accuracy to confidently scale up while achieving impact.  


TSQ AltisPlus

The TSQ Altis Plus MS is designed for stable, reliable, and consistent performance. Novel ion optics, source design, and enhanced mass analyzers deliver superior robustness, reduce maintenance, and increase reproducibility.


Orbitrap ID-X™ Tribrid™

The Thermo Scientific Orbitrap ID-X Tribrid Mass Spectrometry system combines quadrupole, Orbitrap and linear ion trap mass analyzer technology, novel automated data acquisition strategies, and powerful structural analysis software to significantly improve small molecule compound identification. 


timsTOF Pro 2

The timsTOF Pro 2, powered by the latest parallel accumulation serial fragmentation (PASEF®) technology, paves the way to 4D-Proteomics and 4D-Lipidomics with unbiased cell and plasma proteomics and liquid biopsy multiomic biomarker discovery, integrating genomics with proteomics and epiproteomics. 


timsTOF fleX MALDI-2

The timsTOF fleX is a versatile instrument for probing the molecular content of your sample. The timsTOF fleX is a fully functional high speed, high sensitivity ESI instrument for all your X-Omics analyses, combined with a high spatial resolution MALDI source and stage specifically designed for resolving molecular distributions and bringing a spatial dimension to OMICS analyses. The timsTOF fleX – the flexibility to switch between spatial metabolomics, spatial lipidomics or spatial proteomics with ease. 


Vanquish Neo UHPLC System

The Vanquish Neo UHPLC system is ideal for LC-MS applications in proteomics, precision medicine, translational research, and more. Combine with Thermo Scientific PepMap Neo nano-flow LC columns for unmatched efficiency and robust performance for shallow gradients, high-throughput applications, and everything in between. 


Vanquish Horizon UHPLC System

The Thermo Scientific Vanquish Horizon UHPLC system provides unrivaled performance and throughput for applications requiring high-end UHPLC, ideal for research and development labs. With a fully biocompatible flowpath and ultra-low gradient delay volume, it offers superior separations with unsurpassed retention time and peak area precision, excellent detector sensitivity and lower baseline noise for the most demanding LC and LC-MS workflows. Like all members of our Vanquish product line, Vanquish Horizon UHPLC systems offer hardware precision, detector sensitivity, and simplicity of operation. 


nanoElute HPLC System

The nanoElute system provides excellent chromatographic performance even for very short gradients in both separation modes. Separation of complex samples with a long column and gradient has been demonstrated both with and without trap column. The retention time and area reproducibility is excellent displaying suitability for all proteomics applications, including the most demanding ones. 


timsTOF Pro2 & Flex MALDI-2

Orbitrap ID-X Tribrid

timsTOF Pro2 cartridge

timsTOF Pro Quadrupole

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